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What does innovation look like in your organisation? asks Ben White

We’re always trying ‘innovative’ approaches to practice what we preach. Watch a peek at the 2019 Alternative In-House Technology Summit by Ben White and the brilliant Craft Counsel Team. This quick look illustrates the buzz, community spirit and amazing level of talent at of Alternative Events, whilst providing some great food for thought.


Technology is revolutionising the legal sector

Legal Innovation report produced by Raconteur Media Ltd. published in The Times and online at

Technology is revolutionising the legal sector. From AI lowering costs, to blockchain providing data security, the industry is ripe for disruption. This report addresses the plethora of issues affecting the global rule of law.


Accounting Technology


Mid-Market Recap: Fear the Big Four?

In an article published by, the issue of how the big four will affect the mid-tier law firms in the US, if they move further into the legal sector

The creeping competitive threat to law firms posed by the “Big Four” accounting firms has been a frequent topic of conversation with managing partners, albeit mostly those in Big Law. A recent story by Dan Packel for The American Lawyer suggests that “independent firms in medium-sized markets” have the most to fear from the Big Four.


property technology


Is proptech the future of real estate?

An article written by Sameer Nayar, CEO, BuildSupply; previously head of Real Estate Finance for Credit Suisse in Asia-Pacific

An increasing number of real estate companies are realising the potential of technology to transform their business and funding is on the rise for tech companies in the real estate and construction sector, according to this article in Financial Express.



Robert Stark, Senior Executive Director Property Management Strategy & Operations at MJ Mapp Limited, examines the benefits of attending the Alternative Tech and Innovation Leaders’ Summit,.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a technology summit,… specifically targeted at all service sectors, particularly legal and finance, as well as real estate. The opportunity to consider similar issues through a different lens was too good to pass up.



Insight to Action - Deltek report

Insight to Action: The future of the professional services industry

Deltek research shows business leaders lack the foresight needed to prepare for what’s ahead.

Discover the key trends that are impacting your industry and the actions you can take to ensure your firm thrives, no matter what the future hold - and the steps firms are taking to remain agile and competitive in an ever changing industry. What can your business do to ensure success?


artificial intelligence (AI) & Blockchain


Digital Transformation and Professional Services FiRMS

This article examines the effects, shifts and key strategic recommendations

Digital disruptions have transformed how companies and their customers interact. But is the professional services industry on the right track? (by Eric van Rossum, Global VP and GM for Professional Services Industries at SAP)

Brad Smith, Microsoft

Brad Smith, Microsoft

AI lawyers coming but hold off on legislation

A review by Dan Bindman, Editor of Legal Futures, of Microsoft’s thesis on the future of technology

The future computed, artificial intelligence and its role in society. A new breed of specialist AI lawyer will emerge within 20 years, but governments should only legislate on this once tech companies have had time to develop their own ethical principles...


AI can deliver significant benefits to professional services industry

Innovation leaders from Deloitte, KPMG and PwC explore the main opportunities and challenges of AI in this article by

According to research by McKinsey & Company, AI is now delivering real value to serious adopters...revealing that globally, investors sunk between $26 and $39 billion into developing AI in 2016...


AI Won’t Kill The Job Market But Keep It Steady, PwC Report Says

An article via 7datata reports on the anticipated report and wonders how artificial intelligence will disrupt the job market

It’s impossible to say precisely how artificial intelligence will disrupt the job market, so researchers at PwC have taken a birds eye view from the top down, and pointed to the results of sweeping economic changes.

photo courtesy of Sunshine Harmon Portraits

photo courtesy of Sunshine Harmon Portraits

Corporate Law 2.0: What It Means to Be a 'Chief Legal Innovation Counsel'

Former GE executive counsel Farrah Pepper discusses her move to Marsh & McLennan as its new chief legal innovation counsel

This article from Legaltech news discusses how today’s legal departments look markedly different from the past and have a host of new roles, including 'Chief Legal Innovation Counsel'.


7 Steps to Legal Risk Management for General Counsel

Wolters Kluwer effacts guides General Counsel and legal teams on how to identify, assess and control legal risks before they happen, in this whitepaper

As General Counsel, you’re often required to provide credible and dependable assessments of legal risks facing the organisation. However, more often than not, it’s difficult to pull together a reliable view of where your company’s legal risks…

richard edelman.jpg

Could accountants be the next dinosaurs? Hopefully not.

Richard Kleiner, CEO Gerald Edelman speaks with John Maffioli, founder of about thinking 'beyond accountancy' .

Gerald Edelman shout about their ability to “think beyond accountancy”. Richard explains why: “A lot of compliance work will soon be done – dare I say it – by machines. The future of the profession requires us to move beyond the traditional understanding of what ‘accountancy’ means.”

Dislocation Innovation in Real Estate

Episode 7: Real Estate Demographics, Integrated Construction, Space-as-a-Service Heating Up

Dislocation podcasts are dedicated to innovation in real estate

Shared via the Sunday PropTech Review, Dror and David discuss how demographic changes impact demand for real estate; how cyclical demand impacts innovation in housing construction; and recent developments in the Space-as-a-Service market.



The eight mindsets of winning leaders

Colin Price, Partner in Heidrick & Struggles’ London office and a member of Heidrick Consulting outlines his tips

At a time when the cost of capital is essentially zero, the success or failure of a business is determined more than ever by its leaders. Have you got what it takes? asks Colin Price in this article published by  Changeboard.

vehicles for the future.jpg

Prof Services and AI: Adapting to a Changing Business ModeL

Euan Cameron, UK AI Leader,PwC considers the main opportunities and considerations of AI for professional services firms.

More than ever, clients need advice and insight to help them understand the effects of AI both today and in ten years’ time so that they can plan accordingly.  


Regalix article.jpg

Regalix IT Leader Series: Nigel Willson,GLOBAL STRATEGIST,Microsoft

Kevin Benedict, Senior VP Solutions Strategy, at Regalix, interviews Nigel Willson in this video

Nigel Willson is one of Twitter’s top 25 AI influencers and an Alternative Events speaker and supporter. Nigel spoke at the Alternative Tech & Innovation Leaders’ Summit 2018 and at the Alternative Legal Management Summit 2018.

Bernard Marr Forbes article

Here Are 10 Industries Blockchain Is Likely To Disrupt

In this article for Forbes, Bernard Marr discusses the industry sectors that he fees will be most likely affected

Real estate (4) and legal (5) are among the top 10 industries that will be disrupted by blockchain says best-selling author and keynote speaker Bernard Marr, Bernard spoke at our AI & Blockchain Professional Services event. His new book is Data Strategy.


Will AI help or hinder the future of accountancy?

By 2020 it's expected that accounting tasks, including audit, payroll, tax, and banking, will be fully automated but what does this mean for the future of accounting jobs? asks Accountancy Age

Despite the obvious benefits that AI can bring, there is real concern that the technology poses a threat to job roles such as accountants. While the technology may remove the need for accountants to perform traditional services like audits, it won’t replace human accountants or accounting departments completely.


Highlights from The Alternative In-House Technology Summit 2018

If you’re unsure whether the future involves legal tech and innovative ways of working, this conference will clear that up for you nice and simply. It’s yes.

So says Sarah Barrett-Vane, the former Director of Legal Operations, Group Legal, Royal Mail and currently a freelance consultant. Read her views below...


Law Firms, Artificial Intelligence and the Fork in the Road

Don't let the usual traditions of law firms deter you, says this article based on a brand new report by ALM Intelligence.

Cost and culture create implementation issues for small and large firms alike. As explained in the report, law firms can and should overcome the cultural obstacles to AI given the tremendous benefits that AI tools can provide.

Robert Pope, Microsoft, speaking at  Alternative Accountancy Strategic IT 2019

Robert Pope, Microsoft, speaking at Alternative Accountancy Strategic IT 2019

Accountants becoming data-based technology businesses

Simon Drane, Strategist, Innovator & Advisor, considers how accountancy practices are changing direction.

Accountants are poised to transform themselves by becoming strategic advisors to the businesses they work with. They will achieve this through greater use of technology, partnerships with technology businesses such as Microsoft, extending their reach into other service areas such as law…,


Workspace as a Service (WaaS)
Trend or necessity?

This briefing by Savills, published via Infabode, considers the factors contributing to the growing trend for WAAS

Over the past decade the global labour market has seen a new phenomenon: the rise of the independent professionals. Although these workers can work practically from anywhere, their needs have stimulated the emergence and  expansion of co-working spaces.



Few employers prepared for expected surge in work automation

George Zarkadakis, speaker at our Tech & Innovation Leaders' Summit 2018, discusses his views and the results of a company survey

A survey by Willis Towers Watson  reveals that automation in the workplace, including the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, is expected to surge in the next three years - and few employers are prepared for the talent challenges.



Intelligent automation: redefining employment relationships

George Zarkadakis, Digital Lead at Willis Towers Watson examines the future of work in this article published on Changeboard.

What does the future working world, enabled by automation, look like - and how can you reshape your organisation accordingly?


nigel Willson, Global Strategist AT Microsoft in disruptor daily

One of Twitter’s top 25 AI influencers and an Alternative Events speaker and supporter, Nigel is the focus in this AI Influencer Series Part One.

The following is an interview with Nigel Willson. Nigel was a keynote speaker  on 12 June at the Alternative Tech & Innovation Leaders’ Summit and on 25 September at the Alternative Legal Management Summit.


The 3 cornerstones of a successful AI strategy

Written by Shamus Rae, Head of Innovation and Investments, KPMG and regular speaker at for Alternative Events

According to Shamus Rae, currently firms have a people-first, technology-second strategy. Our research shows that in ten years’ time, clients will expect their first interaction with a professional services company to be via a device.