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IRIS | Canon Information Systems

RIS Nederland (IRIS) is a leader in delivering innovative information management solutions designed to empower legal teams. Specializing in content services and process automation, we offer dynamic and secure methods to capture, manage, and leverage information, enhancing efficiency and compliance.

Our core services include end-to-end implementation of best-practice information management solutions, encompassing business consultancy, implementation, and ongoing support. Additionally, our enhanced services provide advanced solutions for complex needs, such as custom data integrations and bespoke development.

Partnering with top technology providers like iManage, DocuSign, Litera, TIQ Time, Henchman, and Co-Flo, IRIS ensures clients have access to cutting-edge tools and strategies. Our commitment is to support customers in achieving sustainable growth, meeting regulatory standards, and improving client and employee experiences.

With a consultative approach, IRIS is dedicated to helping legal teams navigate the complexities of digital transformation. Our expertise in information management solutions ensures your legal team can focus on their core work, confident in the reliability and security of their information systems and modern way of working.