Sheila’s professional journey has been hallmarked by a unique mix of experience in Leadership, Finance, Manufacturing Operations, and Legal Operations. She started her career in Accounting at a private firm, but her drive for being a part of the business led to her a small multinational company where she helped bring German and Swiss businesses to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. From there, her interest in working with varied cultures, interests, and especially challenges, carried her to join Delta Air Lines and become responsible for management of their global credit card sales. This brought Sheila the opportunity to lead large teams and liaise with colleagues around the world while building strategic sourcing, contracting, and technical skills.

Later, Sheila took an opportunity to join Georgia-Pacific, where she strengthened her Finance & Audit skills as well as a new skill – manufacturing operations – which quickly became one of her favorite areas of experience as it gave the opportunity to learn about the business at its heart. This led to her being appointed as CFO of an acquired $2B business and Sheila’s realization of how much she missed being fully invested in the full range of operations of a business and its success. When NCR called and stated that they had a very unique leadership position that required a broad range of skills, she was hooked.

This began Sheila’s Legal Operations career, with the opportunity to work across an entire function as a “business” and help elevate and optimize that function to be its absolute best, while pulling on just about every facet of her experience gained over the years. Legal Ops brought Ferring Pharmaceuticals to Sheila, as they convinced her to move her family from the US to Switzerland, where she was able to build a new Legal Ops team, who under her leadership, fortifies the CLO’s Legal Services Vision, while building a love for data, innovation, and continuous improvement.