As a seasoned lawyer with over ten years of experience and active membership in the Portuguese Bar, my journey in law began at a prestigious law firm, where I discovered my passion for merging legal expertise with business strategy. Currently, I serve as Head of Legal for Portugal at Saba, a major multinational player in mobility infrastructure and services, headquartered in Barcelona.

My role involves steering the Portuguese legal department plus supporting M&A international transactions and compliance for the Group. Before joining Saba in 2016, my career path led me through various industries such as automotive, renewable energies, construction, and medical equipment. This diverse exposure has given me a well-rounded perspective on the unique legal challenges in different business sectors.

Academically, I hold a Master’s degree in European Union Law, specializing in Litigation, which has sharpened my ability to navigate complex legal frameworks. Additionally, I’ve completed a postgraduate diploma in Contracts and Corporate Law, enhancing my expertise in corporate transactions and contractual issues, and hold a Specialization Diploma in Compliance.

Fluency in French, Portuguese, English, and Spanish amplifies my effectiveness in handling international legal matters. My commitment to ongoing professional development is reflected in my active participation in legal associations, speaking engagements at legal events, and staying updated on industry trends. I am dedicated to sharing knowledge, fostering professional growth, and contributing to the evolution of the legal field.