Marie-Claire is originally from the vibrant city of Montreal, where she began her legal career as a commercial litigation lawyer. About a decade ago, Marie-Claire moved to Paris allowing her to enrich her professional journey by adding an international dimension to it. Embarking on a diverse array of legal experiences, she has developed a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the legal landscape.

Marie-Claire has, over the past years, discovered a genuine enthusiasm for the dynamic realm of the tech environment, showcasing a profound interest in data protection. Her expertise extends from negotiating strategic contracts on an international scale to delving into the intricacies of data privacy compliance. Proficient in French, English, Spanish, and Italian, Marie-Claire’s linguistic versatility enhances her ability to navigate international legal matters and communicate effectively across diverse cultural contexts.

Her commitment to cultivating and solidifying transversal skills underscores her belief in the importance of integrating the legal department into the DNA of a company. Currently serving as the Head of Legal and Data Protection Officer at DiliTrust, Marie-Claire’s role exemplifies the ongoing intersection of legal expertise, international perspective, and technological innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of law and technology.