Jonathan joined the firm as a personal injury solicitor in 2000, was made a partner in 2003, and an equity partner in 2006.

In 2007, at the age of 36, Jonathan accepted the challenge of taking the role of Managing Partner.

Over recent years the firm has experienced the same challenges as most other law firms – the opening up of the legal services market to new entrants, the economic downturn, and legal aid reforms. Despite all these challenges Jonathan has helped the firm define a strategy to allow it to grow in size, strength, breadth and profile. The range of services offered, the number of offices, the number of qualified members of staff and the number of new clients have all substantially increased. The localised strategy of being The Yorkshire Law Firm and delivering services that people want, where they want it and at the right price has seen the firm’s turnover more than double with the firm now employing around 250 people. Jonathan was instrumental in growing the firm and transforming it into one of the first law firms in the country to become an exclusively Employee Owned Business in 2022.

What does Jonathan bring to the role? Enthusiasm for the firm to continue to improve both as employer and service provider, open and honest communication, drive and ambition for the firm to continue to grow, and a clear sense of value.