I am a technology leader who has spent the past 15 years of my career bringing cutting edge products to market.

While I come from a technical background, my extensive leadership experience at all stages of a company life cycle has given me a rounded set of complementary skills. I have extensive, proven, experience of building and leading agile, cross-functional teams to craft, sell, and deliver cutting-edge cyber products.

I’m a NxD at Lupovis, a start-up that helps their customers reduce the number of security alerts to only actionable, useful, insights.

I founded and grew my last company, ZoneFox, into an award-winning cyber security product that protects global businesses in multiple markets including healthcare, high tech, software, banking, and legal services.

I led the acquisition of ZoneFox by Fortinet Inc which completed in October 2018 and have leadership experience in all of the key stages of starting, building, growing and selling a technology business

My mission as VP of security Analytics at Fortinet was to continue to help organisations around the world monitor, detect, and respond to insider risks, as well as to educate and inform on how to apply AI to the cyber security market.

I’m also the MD of L-Point where I provide mentoring and support for start-ups at all stages.