Fiona Konetzky is VP of Legal & Compliance and leads a team of 7 lawyers. While managing the legal affairs in the dynamics of a globally expanding SaaS scale-up company, she became interested in legal operations and legal technology.

Fiona was hired as her company’s first lawyer and had the opportunity to build the Legal & Compliance department from scratch. She quickly realized that, especially as a sole lawyer in a company, you have to focus on digitalization, automation, and process optimization in order to not get lost in the variety of tasks of a legal department. She was able to implement several legal tech tools herself (and learn about the joys and pitfalls of such a process), manage big cross-departmental projects, and set up processes for a fast-growing company.

At the end of 2021, she saw the need for a reorganization of her team’s tasks and duties and decided to set up a legal operations team to focus the department on expanding, improving, and maintaining legal tech tools. Besides legal tech, the team is in charge of project management, knowledge management & training, reporting, and process optimitaztion. The Legal Operations team now consists of 4 people and is led by the Deputy Head of Legal & Compliance.