Helena is a business practitioner turned practical neuroscientist and has spent many years in listed multinational companies working in sales, marketing, talent management, organisation design and leadership development. She is uniquely placed to bring the world of neuroscience to the business environment in a pragmatic and relevant way, using her knowledge of what businesses and business leaders need.

Organisations worldwide now use Helena as a speaker and an educator She works closely with her thinking and improve their leadership and team development design new and creative learning initiatives, particularly in the areas of leadership and team development, intercultural communication, creativity and organisational change.

Helena is particularly passionate about improving physical and psychological wellbeing in a world that is placing increasing demands on our biological and cognitive resources. Offering a range of compelling messages that are backed by science, grounded in the real world and communicated in a style that engages her audiences, Helena is dedicated to encouraging people to take greater responsibility for the long-term functioning and health of their brain and the brains of those around them.

She is a member of the British Psychological Society.