I first stepped into the legal finance world in 1999 being the youngest member of an accounts department of twelve. I was encouraged by one of the directors not to waste my life and move on to do something exciting. I thought long and hard and went off to university six months later to do a degree in multimedia and network technology, far removed from the legal world I had placed myself into.

Upon leaving university I quickly decided that this was not the career route I wanted to follow and found myself back in a job I had previously enjoyed. I have no regrets about going back into legal finance and joining Biscoes Solicitors, where I have now been for 18 years. I have experienced personal growth and development and progressed to finance manager and a member of the senior management team with the support of my firm’s directors and colleagues. In the last few years, I have continued my education in management and leadership alongside running my department and have contributed towards the firm’s growth, development, and vision.

I am passionate and dedicated to business success, I enjoy spending my time working with all teams within the business, future planning, and reporting on current positions, but especially enjoy allowing my immediate team to grow, develop, and flourish.