Why attend?

Six reasons to attend the Legal Management Summit 2024

Law firm leadership

What makes a good managing partner?

Hear from managing partners who will discuss the unique pressures, demands, and expectations that come with this prestigious role.

Safeguarding sustainability and profitability

Debate regulatory compliance: how much is too much?

Explore the fine line between necessary compliance measures and excessive regulatory burden, and how it is shaping legal practice, and affecting lawyers, firms, and their clients.

Crossing generational bridges

Crossing generational bridges: navigating inter-generational dynamics in today’s law firm

Join us for an insightful keynote session with renowned generational expert, Henry Rose Lee.

Future lawyers and leaders

Explore partner performance, behaviour and compensation arrangements

Prepare for a lively discussion as we debate partner performance in mid-market law firms at this year’s Samoan Circle.

Tech stack

Meet tech innovators

In the exhibition you will experience first-hand the latest tech solutions to turbo charge productivity and profitability

Free luxury hotel stay

Free luxury hotel stay

All delegates enjoy a free 1-night stay in the award winning spa venue that includes meals and drinks.

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