Why attend?

Six reasons to attend the Alternative Legal IT Conference 2024

Generative AI use for law firms

Explore Gen AI strategies for mid-market firms

Will Gen AI facilitate smoother change management and adoption processes within law firms?

Thriving in times of change

Get insights on how to thrive during these challenging times

Join us and shatter your preconceptions about the deliverable pace of technological change with your firm. Our speakers will delve into the unique challenges facing the mid-market segment, revealing a formula for shaping the future of the legal sector and the way legal services are delivered.

"Show & Tell’: discover innovation in practice

Tech leaders share how they are using innovation and technology to help fulfil their firm’s vision. Experience first-hand their different journeys (both good and bad) and their progress so far.

Tech stack investment

Winning hearts and minds for tech stack investment

Get insights to help you get around the the biggest innovation roadblocks. Your peers share their success stories for winning over managing partners, increasing tech stack investment and best practice strategies to integrate tech systems.

Thriving in times of change

Meet tech innovators

In the exhibition you will experience first-hand the latest tech solutions  to turbo charge productivty and improve your bottom line

Free luxury hotel stay

Free luxury hotel stay

All delegates enjoy a free 1-night stay in the award winning spa venue that includes meals and drinks.

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