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FormEvo provides today’s legal practice with cloud-based access to the only vendor-independent, comprehensive and secure, electronic and digital legal forms library in the UK. The UK Government’s “Digital by Default” policy is integral to the FormEvo service, smoothing the transition from paper to electronic and onward to digital forms and future-proofing your firm as we are evolving towards digital e-submission.

Legal forms are the FormEvo business – ‘it’s what we do – we are experts in legal forms ‘– Our research and development is totally focused on developing electronic and digital legal forms that are easy to use, innovative, flexible and help you complete forms faster.

Today’s key requirements around collaboration, client experience, data security, adaptable third-party integrations and return on investment (ROI) are all achieved within FormEvo and its comprehensive connection API. This, combined with transparent, consistent and fair pricing based on your actual “form or user” usage, makes FormEvo the only forms solution you’ll need to support your firm now and into the future.

FormEvo and the sister application has over 550 clients across the UK – more than 40 in the Top 200 – and has enabled five million+ digital forms eSubmissions since 2007.

Maxine Henderson
Marketing Manager

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