Why attend?

Six reason to attend the Accountancy Management Summit 2024

Legal tech Stack

Discover what a legal tech stack might look like by 2025-2030

Three industry visionaries explore how their evolving needs, priorities, and team sizes are influencing the design of their future tech stack. Join us and take a deep dive into the ‘build vs buy’ debate, explore vendor integration with Microsoft, and get a clearer picture of how your future tech stack should look.

Get insights on the real use cases of Generative AI

Should you believe the hype? After 18 months, is AI a game changer? This event offers you a rare chance to engage in a frank conversation about the practical use cases, risks and limitations of this technology for corporate legal teams.

Pace of technological change

Understand how to optimise the benefits of Microsoft 365 & Copilot

Our experts share with you their latest understanding of Microsoft Copilot’s flight plan and their journeys so far. Understand the impacts on workflow efficiency and optimisation, through to the strategic insights they have gained.

Inspire the next generation of in-house lawyers

Explore the needs of next-gen lawyers

By attending the summit you’ll get a clearer picture of how to mix hybrid working, AI and innovative tech and tools to reduce workloads and increase productivity. Ultimately, leading to enhanced well-being and staff retention.

Boosting profitability

Meet solution innovators all in one place

Experience the latest legal tech stack solutions in the exhibition space. Demos and showcases enable you to evaluate solutions first-hand.

Deeper connections

Make deeper connections

This event offers unmatched opportunities to start great conversations and cement existing relationships. For 2 days you’ll be part of an exclusive community of innovators with the shared goal of delivering successful digital transformation.

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