At LexisNexis, our mission is to progress the Rule of Law around the world, bringing as many people as possible within its protection. Everything we do – from our products and services, to how we do business, is about making the law easily accessible and simple to understand and use. To achieve this, we empower and enable legal, compliance, and tax professionals with access to the very best in legal intelligence – wherever they are working. We want to help them reach better answers faster and more efficiently.

Our feature-rich legal tech solutions provide access to advanced research, data-driven insights, practical guidance, and enhanced legal tools, all in one easy-to-use legal solution.

Our market-leading practical guidance content gets straight to the point, whilst time-saving tools such as checklists, template policies, precedents, how-to guides, calculators, and our International Comparator Tool give you the edge. We offer coverage and guidance across 37 practice areas, including sector-specific guidance and tailored in-house content.

When combined with the UK’s largest legal research database, containing exclusive content such as Halsbury’s Laws of England, Stair’s, Atkins’s Court Forms, and more than 600,000 cases with commentary – there is no alternative.

With one powerful search, lawyers can quickly get to the heart of a matter with the law and practical guidance at their fingertips.

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