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Built specifically for Corporate Counsel, Legal Operations and Compliance professionalsConga helps businesses to transform and streamline their contract management processes from start to finish. Our negotiation and contract execution solutions focus on efficiency and strategic insights to maximise the value of every agreement. Our end-to-end technology allows companies to collaborate on contracts and accelerate deal cycles, while boosting visibility, increasing compliance and minimising risk.

Our contract lifecycle management (CLM), document generation, e-Signature and contract intelligence solutions are designed to provide a seamless experience, including:

  • standardised, yet flexible, contract creation and renewal processes
  • a dedicated negotiation portal
  • seamless integration with Salesforce and any other application
  • a centralised repository and advanced insights to help your business make data-driven decisions.

All Conga solutions are designed to allow you to work in the systems you’re most comfortable with (like MS Word, Outlook, etc.).

Our customers report:

  • 90% decrease in time needed to create and execute complex contracts
  • 30% increase in contract volume
  • 88% contract conversion rate
  • 92% increase in speed of contract reporting
  • 100% increase in contract transparency and user adoption
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