Co-Flo Enterprise is a software solution that provides in-house corporate teams with a central source of truth for matter information & priorities. We partner with the world leading Document Management System, iManage, to turn our customers’ overwhelming matter details into clear and actionable insights.

Co-Flo brings clarity, structure, and efficiency into business processes – enabling in-house corporate teams to make better decisions, boost productivity, and minimise business risk.

Co-Flo equips corporate teams with:

Matter Clarity Within iManage Work: A central source of truth for all matter details, linked to their organisational structure.

Focus on Priority Matters: High-risk and priority matters are kept prominently visible, ensuring they are never lost amidst daily tasks.

Enhanced Resource Management: Enables clear visibility of team workloads, facilitating better resourcing decisions and strategic planning.

Instant Performance Reporting: Provides tools for instant, accurate reporting on team performance and the risk status of different parts of the business.

Data-Driven Budget Advocacy: Equips teams with the information to effectively motivate for additional budget, backed by solid data.

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