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Unlocking the power of information governance for in-house counsel

Visit our stand at the ALT In-House Summit to see how the iCompli information governance platform, from LegalRM, empowers in-house legal teams to navigate complex legal and regulatory data landscapes with certainty and confidence.

Compliance confidence

Stay ahead of legal and regulatory requirements. iCompli‘s information governance platform helps to ensure compliance with data protection laws, reducing risks to your business.

Risk mitigation

Safeguard your organisation against data breaches and non-compliance risks. Using iCompli‘s robust data management platform to modernise your company’s information governance processes helps minimise the risk of data breaches, regulatory penalties, and reputational damage.

Litigation readiness

Be prepared for legal proceedings: Proper data management ensures quick and accurate retrieval of relevant information for e-discovery,  litigation support and litigation holds.

Cost savings

Enhance legal operations and save money. Efficient information governance practices streamline data storage and helps to automate retention policies and workflows, enabling in-house teams to work more efficiently with the rest of the business.

Privacy assurance

Safeguard sensitive information. Strong data management practices support overall corporate hygiene, reinforcing customer confidentiality and trust.

Strategic decision making

Harness data for better decisions. iCompli‘s information governance platform allows in-house legal teams to access valuable analytics about their data assets, supporting informed decision-making for the enterprise

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