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Summa Tech

Founded as a pioneer in the digital accounting space, Summa Tech is dedicated to enhancing practice management systems with innovative solutions. Recognising inefficiencies within accounting and other professional services firms, we have developed a suite of software tools aimed at streamlining workflows and increasing productivity.

Our range of white labelled solutions includes Client Onboarding tools, a unique client meeting platform called Connect4, and a Client Portal for secure document exchange. We also offer an HMRC-compliant Excel spreadsheet for meeting MTD VAT obligations, and a desk and car park booking system for hybrid workers. These solutions are designed to complement existing practice management software.

We also offer discounted software subscriptions through strong partnerships with key providers, making advanced tools accessible to smaller accounting firms.

Named after the Renaissance book “Summa de arithmetica” by Luca Pacioli, the Father of Accounting, Summa Tech embodies a spirit of innovation and a unique perspective that aims to revolutionise modern accountancy practices. With a commitment to thinking outside the box, Summa Tech is not just a software provider but a catalyst for change in the accounting profession.

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