Glide Practice Solutions

Glide is a workflow management system that sits at the heart of your practice, allowing you to vastly improve the control and visibility you have.

Glide provides an extreme level of clarity and visibility; a complete, reliable and accurate picture, giving a single source of truth over client workflows, service levels, deadlines and staff activity – while removing manual, repetitive and outdated processes and facilitating automation.

Using Glide will make it much easier for your team to provide consistently great client service, maximising client retention and growth.

Glide caters for multiple portfolios, teams, offices and departments and has a range of tools to assist with optimal resource allocation.

Glide’s automation tools can fully automate the process of requesting and chasing information and approvals, which can dramatically improve turnaround times.

With pre-built integrations to popular PM systems, an open API and Zapier/Make apps, Glide can become a highly integrated part of your system.

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