Frontline Accounting

Frontline Accounting pioneered the offshoring model in the Philippines tailored for accounting firms worldwide. They first built their own accounting firm using an offshore team, and due to demand from other firms seeking help with their capacity issues and cost restraints, an offshoring service was conceived.

It has been an incredible growth story, from a mere 3 staff catering to Australian accounting firms at the start of 2014 to 72 by the end of the first year.

The strong foundation built with Frontline’s Australian clients enabled the company to successfully launch a solid client base in the UK and the US for nearly a decade.

Frontline is at the forefront of the shift in offshoring accounting work and the first business to do it at scale in the Philippines.

The rapid growth was unexpected but welcomed as the business model hit a sweet spot in the market. Accounting firms who were disappointed with outsourcing work to India were pleasantly surprised at the contrasting model Frontline was running, where the teams in the Philippines were integrated with the teams in Australia.

Frontline has stayed true to its basic core business philosophies around prudent financial management; conservative forecasts; focusing on our core competencies; and, most of all, taking care of staff and clients.

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