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Dots’ founders are tech-driven accountancy outsourcers with over 20 years of experience serving accountancy practices through to the UK’s top 20 firms.

Dot is transforming how firms grow and scale through innovative offshoring solutions. We bridge the global skill gap by providing access to a skilled pool of accountants from our strategically located hubs in Mumbai and Pune in India.
Our fast-growing team of 150+ accounting professionals includes Accountants, Auditors and Bookkeepers, who are supporting accounting firms and businesses across the UK, Ireland, Canada, the USA, and the Middle East.

Our mission is to provide accountancy firms with our PODs (Professionals on Demand) and help them build their offshore teams.

Empowering Firms with Technology: Our bespoke workflow management software, dotkris, simplifies offshoring and streamlines collaboration, boosting efficiency and transparency.

Industry Credibility: We’re trusted by over 15% of the top 100 UK accounting firms and are making significant inroads into the industry’s elite.

Investing in People: We’re affiliated with ACCA/CIMA and committed to our team’s career progression.

Beyond Numbers: Social responsibility is core to our values. Our CSR initiatives help underprivileged children and our sustainable practices solidify our commitment to ESG principles.

Dot isn’t just an offshore service provider; we are passionate about innovation and building lasting partnerships that empower both businesses and individuals.

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